Hlumisa Mgoli – Head Girl 2016

“Starting a new school is usually exciting, I couldn’t wait to experience new things and meeting new people, I mean who wouldn’t be excited for such?
Starting a new life is the best experience for a teenager who dreams big and is looking forward to a brighter future. I was welcomed with such warm loving hearts, I immediately felt at home even though I had told myself I’m not interested in making friends or whatever, but because I was surrounded by people with so much love, making new friends became so easy. My years at Ed-U College were the most educational years of my life because I got to learn so much about myself and about life. I learnt what the words family, love, betrayal, law and life meant. All these events changed me and made me and made me who I am. I was privileged and honoured to become a Head Prefect in 2015, not a single day in my life have I thought that would be possible for me, but it was. I wore that BLUE BLAZER with pride, I loved and honored it💙 Every single person in that building played part in grooming me to the person I am today, directly and indirectly.  I will forever be grateful. Thank Ed-U College.”

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