About Us

The year 1994 was the dawn of a new democracy in South Africa. During this period, Lili Niemann, the original rara avis, spent time in the Eastern Cape, as a lecturer of music at the University of Port Elizabeth. While conducting research for her master’s degree in music, she discovered a significant lack of maths skills in township learners and that the need for quality education was enormous. For Lili this was a turning point where she made the decision to truly make a difference to the education system in South Africa. The mission was clear: To provide quality education through holistic learning experiences that enables individuals and communities to actively participate in a global business environment.

E-Square Education is a one-stop private education platform providing affordable learning opportunities, for individuals from 6 to 60, from Grade 1 to Tertiary Certificate, Diploma or Degree level, onsite or online.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform E-Square Education into a world-class organization - a global provider of relevant online learning via our eCube online platform; the world's number one placement education centre; and an institution which creates entrepreneur that are job creators and not job seekers.

Our Mission

To provide quality education through holistic learning experiences that will enable individuals and communities to actively participate in a global business environment.

To transform education to be relevant, futuristic and entrepreneurial-orientated

To embrace and actively support the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals.

To assist learners and students to discover their inner genius.

Our Values

to strive for EXCELLENCE
to COMMIT completely
to achieve SUCCESS

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Ed-U College Port Elizabeth Schools (Pre-Primary, Primary and High schools);  Music, Art and Dance Academy;  Private schools, enrichment classes on a Saturday;  onsite short learning Programmes.

Ed-U Options Academy, a Private Vocational College, offering short learning programmes, onsite and online;  one year certificates;  N4 to N6 vocational-orientated programmes;  pre and post Matric Upgrade possibilities onsite and online.

Ed-U City Campus, Private Higher Education Institute, offering Diplomas;  Higher Certificates;  short learning programmes, onsite and online;  Microsoft accredited programmes via Imagine Academy;  and a collaboration project with Durham University Business School in the UK with access to its wealth of online Entrepreneurial programmes and online library.

E-Square Education continues to innovate with the expansion of an on-site Training College this year in Queenstown and the launch of its new international online company, E-Cube Online.

E-Square Education has secured global partnerships with Durham University Business School, Nuffic & PUM Netherlands, University of Twente, the Entrepreneurship Institute, Genius U, as well as being the only Microsoft Partner in the Eastern Cape.  These collaborations together with cutting edge technology available at the Campus and a value system aligned with the 17 self-sustainable goals of the United Nations, are the core strength and focus which grounds their private education institution.

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Via the Rara Avis Foundation, Bursaries, for Excellent Achievements in Academic, Music and Sport, are part of the value-added to E-Square Education learners and students. 

More than R10m was donated to deserving learners and students during the past 25 years by supportive Partners, Trusts, Donors, Foundations and Directors of E-Square Education.

Lili launched the Rara Avis Foundation as she strongly believes that education should not be about teaching learners in order to make money, but instead to strive to make money in order to provide a consistent learning platform.

The Rara Avis Foundation is a platform for funders to get involved in making a much-needed difference in uplifting the education standard and making an impact in the Eastern Cape community and South Africa.

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Into the Future

The vision for E-Square Education is to become a world-class organisation - a global provider of relevant online learning via the E-Cube Online platform;  the worlds No 1 placement Education Centre;  an Institution which creates entrepreneurs that are job creators and not job seekers;  alumni that go on to shape and shake the world.

Along the Way

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