Success Stories


Bulelani Jakuja

Deputy Head Boy 2017

"I've been at Edu College for more than 9 years. For me it wasn't just a school but a home away from home. At grade 9 I felt like I should study at a school near home and that it would feel the same way but it didn't. I missed Edu College (I was homesick 😕). I missed home for many reasons:mainly the attention which was given to us students individually as our classes are small. Ed-U College has prepared me for the outside world as well. I thank every teacher and every cleaner for making my school journey a pleasant one.❤"


Hlumisa Mgoli

Head Girl 2016

"Starting a new school is usually exciting, I couldn't wait to experience new things and meeting new people, I mean who wouldn't be excited for such?
Starting a new life is the best experience for a teenager who dreams big and is looking forward to a brighter future. I was welcomed with such warm loving hearts, I immediately felt at home even though I had told myself I'm not interested in making friends or whatever, but because I was surrounded by people with so much love, making new friends became so easy. My years at Ed-U College were the most educational years of my life because I got to learn so much about myself and about life. I learnt what the words family, love, betrayal, law and life meant. All these events changed me and made me and made me who I am. I was privileged and honoured to become a Head Prefect in 2015, not a single day in my life have I thought that would be possible for me, but it was. I wore that BLUE BLAZER with pride, I loved and honored it 💙 Every single person in that building played part in grooming me to the person I am today, directly and indirectly.  I will forever be grateful. Thank Ed-U College."


Yoliswa Tshukwa

Diploma in Public Relations Ed-U City Campus 2013

"I can positively say that Ed-U has made me a better person. it has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. The things that I admire the most about Ed-U is the support I received from the lectures, admin staff, finance department and my fellow students.

Currently I am an employee at Le Roux Incorporated Attorneys in Port Elizabeth and a University of South Africa (UNISA ) student studying towards my National Diploma in Business Administration. A special thank you to Ed-U and everyone who contributed to the success of my career."


Sihle Klaasen

Management 4 at Ed-U Options Academy 2011

Diploma in Public Relations at Ed-U City Campus 2013

"It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my Management 4 NQF Level 4 Certificate at Ed-U Options Academy and Diploma in Public Relations at Ed-U City Campus , E-Square Enterprises. The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The years spent there were splendid and has helped me to grow better professionally & personally. I would like to thank all the Lectures Elmarie van Rensburg. Brendon Vlooh, Glenn Fuller, the Entire staff from Reception Vuyo, Marketing Bonile, Zani, Peggy, Finance  and The Faculty office the general assistance for the love you guys showed us during our time with hope that someday I will come back and thank  you personally.

Today as young as I am I am a parliamentarian serving the province with pride all that is because of you motivated me and assisted me in shaping my future for the best. The opportunity given to me to lead the students as their SRC president for two terms and being the PRO shaped my leadership skills and gave me a skill to be able to think analyze situation and deal matters accordingly. Once again Thank you very Much."


Sivuyiswe Joy Norman

Diploma in Public Relations 2017

"It gives me great pleasure and pride that I have completed my Diploma in Public Relations Ed-U City Campus, E-Square Enterprises. The relationship between management, students and lecturers was just amazing. Being part of the SRC in my final year of study gave me a perspective on how to be a leader. I would like to give a special thanks to the late Mrs Elmarie Janse Van Rensburg, Brandon Vlooh, Somikazi Boltina, Collius Chiruka, Keith Hurter, and Suna Vermeulen for their constant support and love during my years at the institution. Today I am a Public Relations Intern at Bay TV and I am doing what I love. My role in the Organisation (Bay TV) is to be the middle man between the community and the station in terms of communication. Thank You so much once again."


Oyama Makubalo

Head Girl 2017

"I remember my mom's first words when I had found out I was going to Ed-U College. She told me that, " it doesn't matter what other people say about the school, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But went umntanam, don't lose focus and know why you're there." Those words stuck with me throughout high school and although Ed-U College may have not been my dream school, if I could go back in time to change schools, I wouldn't change a single thing. The school taught me independence, how to voice out my opinions, how there is so much more out in the world besides my own self. It opened doors for me through the Junior City Council and allowed me to be the person that I am today. Unlike years ago, today I am able to voice out my opinions and able to stand for what I believe in. Today I am a first year student, in BAdmin majoring in Politics and Public Administration at the University of The Western Cape. Today, I am where I am because of Ed-U College and it's teachings and I will forever remain grateful. Thank you Ed-U College. #PoliticalScientist2021 💛"


Oyisa Binda


"I started at Ed- U college high school in 2013 and I was in grade 8. I didn't know anyone and I didn't want to be there, as time went by I adapted to the way  things were done there . The classes were small so the teachers knew the learners struggles individually from a-z that's what I liked the most . My time at Ed- U college has been nothing but great , I'm talking about the beach sport days , the athletics day and all the other experiences within the school . They made high school a place a where we would be able to make memories and have fun . If I  had the chance to go back to Ed- U  i would , but I'll still pop in to say 'hi' to my teacher every now and then 😁. And I love them all dearly ❤"


Masivuye Nonxuba

It’s quite an honour and pleasure for me to say I’m an Ed-U City Campus alumnus. The years I have spent at the academy haven’t only made me grow academically but I’ve also grasped some of the important values which have had a huge impact on the way I carry myself. I first joined Ed-U City Campus at the age of 8 entering into preschool, then later returned to further my studies after my matric. Ed-U City Campus has been the foundation of my career through the two qualifications I’ve been able to obtain at the academy, being Tourism Management which I did in the years 2013-2014 and graduated in 2015, and Public Relations which I did 2016-2017 which I be graduating for this year June. Ed-U has played major role in my life through the relationship the lecturers have with us as the students, and by instilling the principles that the institutio  holds. I’m very pleased and proud to have been a product of Ed-U City Campus. Thanking all the Ed-U staff from the late Elmarie,Mr Brendon who has left the company, Ms Caroll, Mrs Somikazi, Ms Nobesuthu, Mr Collious, Mr Klienkeld and not forgetting my day to day assistant Ms Suna Vermeulen. I’m now working at Fundi as a Sales Consultant temp helping people with study loans and bringing light the family with no hope with financial issues.


Sakhumzi Phuphuma

Information Technology  (Technical Support) at City Campus 2010

"I started studying at Ed-U City Campus when the IT bug bit me back in 2010 i decided to enrol at Ed-U City Campus not knowing what to expect and we were welcomed by a lovely lady with motherly love that not all of us was happy about but just like any parent she was strict and that contributed a lot in me becoming the professional that i am today in IT Technical support. The person mentioned above is none other than the late Elmarie Van Rensberg may her beautiful soul rest in peace. Teaching at the school was on point and one on one attention was what made life easy and the commitment of the lectures. I am currently a Technician at Bytes Technology Group in PE. I graduated in June 2012 currently been in the field for 7 years and still growing thank you Ed- U City Campus #muchLove"

Sinoxolo Moko

Ed-U Matric School 2014

Diploma in Office Administration at Ed-U City Campus 2016

"It was a wonderful experience studying at Ed-U. I was always cheerful always happy all the time in class. Unfortunately or fortunately for me since I haven't been able to secure work yet I've decided to further my studies at Nelson Mandela University doing Logistics part time because I'm also trying to find work because I really want to put my Diploma in use. If it wasn't for Mr Keith Hurter, Mr Brendan Vlooh, Elmarie Van Rensburg and Somikazi Boltina, similar and others probably wouldn't be a top achiever in office administration in 2016. Thank you to them."


Siphamandla Plaatjies

Head Girl 2015

"From 2012 - 2014 I attended school at Edu College. Being a girl with low self-esteem, was made to feel at home and taught to accept myself just the way I am. A space where I could be myself and not envy anyone else, I am unique and I could never be anybody else but myself. I felt at home, every staff member from the cleaner up to the principal never made feel like an outsider. The music classes, today I am a musician who doesn't just sing a mixture of notes without any understanding but I sing with understanding I even write my own music. My teachers were the best, Maths teacher Ms Stark, Music teacher Mrs Ferreira ( the principal), my IsiXhosa teacher Ms Tolom and how could I forget my Accounting teacher Mr Sharu all made me this woman that I am today and I will forever be grateful. I love them. If I could turn back the hands of time I would, just to spend a year or two at Edu College once again."


Xola Ngalamani


"Life in Ed-U-College it was a future changing life, I never expected what I saw and what happened, life there it was a great one the school is full of exciting people the students and teachers. When I came to PE I never thought I would have someone I call a friend and someone I would say Its my home but I'm proud to say Edu college it is like a home to me. It is true when they say parents are not only the ones you have at home, in that school I have parents and friends which are teachers my first lady on the A list it is Stark she became a friend and a Sister to me she does shake people up a bit when she speaks but she also knows how to make people comfortable around her, she's easy to interact with. Come to other stuff they are well trained classes they are never boring because serious time to study it is there but the teachers instead of being in a serious state when they teach the make u life while telling you something that is part of a subject they make studying enjoyable not stressing and serious.  I love the School not because of nice time but because of the passion and excellence it resembles and it holds.  My life in EdU College."

Abongile Ximiya


"I choose to learn from the best. When it came to my high school career Edu college was my first choice regardless of the negative opinions people had. Skillful, humble, passionate & caring are the words i can use to describe the teachers.  You will laugh, you will cry, you will eat your heart out and tear your hair out, you will curse the world in general , high School  isn’t a piece of cake. Edu college has taught this with humour and insight, and I'll forever be grateful. I gained much more from this school more than I anticipated. A big thank you goes to Mrs. Ferreira, Ms Stark, Mrs. Jonker & all the teachers that have played a role in my high school life, I will forever keep your  teachings at heart."